ANTONIO BIAGGI – a modern brand of footwear and accessories, inspired by the dynamic rhythm of the life of the world’s fashion capitals. The latest trends of high fashion in a unique interpretation, perfect  design and special attention to detail – this is the hallmark of each collection. Since the company was founded, the company has confidently declared itself on the international market. Being recognized as a fashion expert led by a professional design bureau, Antonio Biaggi dictates a style that allows you to feel in a trend anywhere in the world. Shoes and accessories of the brand embody the latest trends from the podiums of Milan, Paris, Tokyo, New York and London and, at the same time, are ideal for the usual routes of any city. Elegant classics – for business meetings, trendy models – for glamorous parties, comfortable casual and sport-chic – for fascinating travel. Thanks to the stylistic variety, each Antonio Biaggi model will make any image spectacular and memorable. In addition, in every collection there are shoes and accessories, which are harmoniously combined in color, texture and style. Such ready-made solutions will not only be the final touch, but a bright accent of any outfit.


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