Bookling bookstore offers the literature of foreign and domestic publishers in the original language.
Here you will find:
– fictions in English and Ukrainian;
– literature for studying the foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and other
languages of the world);
– children`s books of educational, developing and entertaining orientation in English and Ukrainian;
– bright and exciting gift editions in foreign languages;
– academic and business literature in the original language.
Bookling store is unique because all the English books presented exclusively by foreign publishers, many
of them are exclusive copies, so you will not find them in any other bookstore. In particular, we have a
wide range of literature from such publishers as Penguin Books, Random House, Delta Publishing,
HarperCollins, Cambridge University Press, National Geographic Learning, MM Publications and others.
In addition to books, the assortment of the store includes children`s educational games, experiments,
creativity kits, LEGO, as well as stationery such as notebooks, bookmarks, stickers, etc.

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