Brand Levi’s® ­ is the quintessence of classic American style, this is a fashion without any additional efforts. Since the invention of the first jeans of Levi Strauss & Co. in 1873, they became one of the most recognized and often simulated garments in the world and won the recognition of many generations of people in 110 countries. Today the Levi’s® brand portfolio continues to grow through innovation and know­how, which have no equal in the entire fashion industry. Levi’s® efforts to create the best products from denim, casual clothing and accessories that give the opportunity to express their individuality.
Today the Levi’s® jeans 501 ­ one of the most modified and transformed things in the fashion world. Over the years they become not only one of the most popular items of clothing (magazine Time Magazine included the five hundred and first model in the list of the most fashionable items 20 ­ th century ), but also become part of the fashion world, its cultural heritage and the foundation of the wardrobe of millions of people, such as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean , Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Brad Q, Rihanna.
The new Levi’s collection inspired by a collection of charming city of San Francisco, its landscapes and its free , original and creative people. From silk and linen, to tensel and denim, viscose and cotton ­ WE Offers maximum choice of fabrics that meet Any request. Embroideries , texture, draping and lace , all this is available in the new collection.

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